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Kid's Magic Show by Julian Senocak
These are some clips from my kid's show. This was performed in Petaluma.
To children magic is different. Instead of trying to figure out how the trick is done or admiring the intense sleight-of-hand used to amaze, they bask is the idea that magic is not only possible, but it can happen right in front of their own eyes. Magic is the basis to a child's belief system, without magic the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, and Super Man could not exist. That's why it is important that children are exposed to magic.

Great Kids Magician uses humor and stunning magic at birthday parties.
Julian's Super Kids Show is the best kids party entertainment in Sonoma County.

Here's 3 quick reasons why people hire Julian to entertain the children in their lifes:

1. HE WILL MAKE THEM LAUGH A LOT! Laughter makes people happy. Enough said.

2. The adults always enjoy the show too. If you ask anybody who has had Julian perform his Super Kids Show for them, they will tell you that all the adults enjoyed it just as much as the kids.

3. Julian goes the extra step to get kids involved in the show. This makes the magic extra special and even more real to them.

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"Julian really engaged the children and brought them a wonderful and exciting performance. I would definitely recommend Julian to others for their events. Extremely funny and different from other shows I have seen before. The children laughed so much. GREAT JOB!" -Roberta Guella, Camp Sunshine Director
Here is a letter of reference from the activities director at Mayacama Golf Resort. You may also contact Denise for further info.

"I am privileged to have the opportunity to recommend Julian and do so completely.  I had the great pleasure of meeting Julian in the summer of 2010.  He was referred to me by a trusted friend as a great Santa Rosa Magician, who shares my high standard for children’s activities and educational entertainment.  I hired Julian to teach a five day camp that culminated in a magic show for the parents and grandparents.
Julian is both a great children's magician and teacher.  He was able to engage each child, hold their attention and help them to acquire the necessary skills to accomplish the desired tricks.  The children learned rope tricks, card tricks, box tricks and coin tricks but more importantly they learned to support one another, to work together and celebrate each others accomplishments.  The children in this camp ranged in age from 3 ½ to 11.  Julian was able to teach to each child’s individual skill level and supported each of them to ensure their success.   
All of the children had a wonderful time, but it wasn’t just the children that benefited from Julian’s contagious enthusiasm; my staff, comprised of college students, was equally engaged.  Several of them mentioned that this was there favorite camp of the summer and delighted in showing off their new found magical skills.  
Watching Julian perform magic is amazing; watching him work with children is magical."

Denise Kegerreis
Activities Director
Mayacama Golf Club
707-569-2900 main
707-569-2908 direct

There are tons of testimonials for this Santa Rosa magician. All you have to do is e-mail him for a complete list of all his past customers both as a children's magician and as a corporate magician. They all have great things to say!